About the project

Are a locally based Talking Therapies charity with strong links to the NHS. They needed our help to modernise their existing website and help combat some of the accessibility issues they were running into with a dated website.

TalkPlus Website Desk Mockup

What we set out to achieve

TalkPlus had been suffering with an outdated website that had slowly grown into a bit of a confusing mess for users. They wanted to streamline the user journey and ensure that all users could quickly and easily get to the vital information they might need.

While undergoing this website overall TalkPlus also decided that a small refresh to their logo and colour palette might help to modernise the brand.

Branding Update

The logo wasn’t in need of any major changes to really make it shine. Our only real changes were to tidy up the “squiggle”, add the new colour palette to the design and ensure that the gradient flowed from the tip of the “squiggle” down to the end of the logo. This flow was an important visual note as it shows the patients journey with TalkPlus starting at one end and slowly improving until the end.

Before – logo

After – logo

Before – colours

After – colours

Again the colours didn’t need a radical change but a small nudge away from the bright yellow and green used before.
We tried to expand the new palette to create some more branding options in the future. We feel that the more muted greens and teals fit in with the brand a lot better than the brighter original colours.

Website Improvements

We made various improvements to the dated TalkPlus website. Some of the main ones are listed below. However, there are many small changes we have made along the way.

Streamlined Navigation

We restructured and streamlined the entire sites navigation and sitemap to improve user journey.

Filtered Resources

Added a filtered resource page to help users find the relevant information quicker and more easily.

Brand Update

Overhauled the brand colours and typography to ensure higher levels of accessibility.

Translation Widget

Added in improved translations widget for other language users that prefer a different language.

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Creative Digital Agency Designs

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